Review of the Campagnolo Eurus wheelset

The Campagnolo brand has long been synonymous with high-quality cycling equipment, offering products that effortlessly blend aesthetics, performance and durability. The Eurus wheelset is a testament to this tradition, serving as a commendable choice for road cyclists seeking a wheelset that can confidently handle a myriad of conditions. In this review, we delve into the core features of the Eurus wheelset, focusing on their weight, stiffness, aerodynamics and reliability.

A Featherweight Contender

Weight is an essential consideration for any cyclist, with lighter wheelsets offering easier climbs and swifter acceleration. Here, the Eurus wheelset shines. Constructed with aluminium rims and hubs, and stainless steel spokes, the Eurus boasts a competitive weight of just 1485 grams per pair. This featherweight quality places them as one of the lighter aluminium wheelsets on the market, appealing to riders who value agility and speed.

Uncompromised Stiffness

Campagnolo’s Eurus wheelset is not only impressively light but also notably stiff, offering a responsive and efficient ride. The wheelset employs Campagnolo’s G3 Spoke pattern, a design that distributes the forces on the wheel more evenly, thereby enhancing wheel rigidity. The stiffness-to-weight ratio is excellent, translating into efficient power transfer from the rider to the road.

Aerodynamic Performance

In terms of aerodynamics, the Eurus wheelset holds its own. The rim design and the aforementioned G3 spoke pattern contribute to the wheels’ ability to cut through the wind. While they might not compete directly with deeper-rim wheels specifically designed for aerodynamics, the Eurus wheels do offer noticeable gains over more traditional wheel designs, making them a versatile choice for varied terrains and conditions.

Reliability You Can Trust

Perhaps the most distinguishing quality of the Eurus wheelset is its reliability. The robust aluminium construction, the MoMag technology that eliminates the need for rim tape, and the renowned Campagnolo build quality all contribute to a wheelset that can withstand the rigours of intensive road cycling. Furthermore, Campagnolo’s use of cup and cone bearings in the hubs ensures a smooth ride and prolongs the lifespan of the wheels.

In summary, the Campagnolo Eurus wheelset is a product that embodies Campagnolo’s commitment to quality and performance. Their light weight, impressive stiffness, respectable aerodynamics, and proven reliability make them a robust choice for serious cyclists. Whether you’re tackling mountainous terrain, cutting through the wind on a flat, or navigating the rigours of a gran fondo, the Eurus wheelset is a trustworthy companion that won’t let you down.

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