Review of the Pinarello Nytro Bike

Pinarello, a brand renowned for innovation and quality, enters the electric bike market with the Pinarello Nytro, setting itself apart by integrating traditional high-performance design with advanced electric assist technology. Unlike many e-bikes that compromise aesthetics for functionality, the Nytro maintains the sleek, race-ready appearance typical of Pinarello’s road bikes. Its electric components are seamlessly incorporated, ensuring the bike retains a streamlined silhouette characteristic of non-electric performance bikes.

The Nytro’s distinctive feature is its use of the lightweight Fazua Evation system, which provides electric assistance that complements rather than overpowers the rider’s efforts. This system preserves the authentic road cycling feel by offering nuanced power that intuitively responds to the rider’s pedalling. Additionally, the bike is equipped with high-quality components such as a carbon fibre frame and precision-engineered brakes, enhancing its performance across various terrains.

In essence, the Pinarello Nytro represents a unique fusion of traditional cycling excellence with modern e-bike technology. It stands out in the market as a high-performance e-road bike that respects the heritage of cycling while embracing technological advances, making it a compelling choice for both seasoned cyclists and those new to electric bikes. This review aims to determine how well the Nytro lives up to Pinarello’s standards and whether it truly revolutionises the riding experience.

Riding the Pinarello Nytro

Design and Build Quality of the Pinarello Nytro

The Nytro showcases a sleek, aerodynamic design that echoes Pinarello’s racing pedigree. The frame, crafted from premium carbon fibre, strikes an optimal balance between durability and lightness. At approximately 13 kg, the Nytro stands as one of the lighter e-bikes in its category, preserving the feel of a traditional road bike. The bike’s aesthetics are distinctively Pinarello, featuring smooth lines and an aggressive posture. Notably, the battery and motor integrate seamlessly, maintaining an uncluttered appearance which is often a challenge in e-bike design.

Moreover, the Nytro’s design philosophy extends beyond mere aesthetics into the realm of functional innovation. The geometry of the bike is carefully calibrated to enhance comfort without compromising on the aggressive performance attributes demanded by competitive cyclists. This thoughtful design ensures a responsive and engaging riding experience, akin to Pinarello’s non-electric racing models. The attention to detail is evident in every component, from the sleek integration of the battery and motor to the ergonomic positioning of the riding posture, which is tailored to maximise efficiency and control during high-speed rides and challenging climbs. This holistic approach to design makes the Nytro not just visually appealing but a top performer in the electric road bike segment.

Pinarello Nytro Electric Battery Indicator

Performance and Motor Integration

At the core of the Nytro’s performance is the Fazua Evation motor system. This mid-drive motor is celebrated for its responsiveness and seamless integration with the bike’s pedalling mechanics. Offering a peak power output of 250 watts, it enhances the rider’s input delicately without overpowering, thus maintaining the essence of the cycling experience. The motor presents three levels of assistance—Breeze, River, and Rocket—catering to varied fitness levels and terrain challenges.

The bike’s handling mirrors the agility and precision of non-electric Pinarello models. It excels on ascents, with the electric assist alleviating the fatigue associated with steep inclines. The transition between assisted and non-assisted modes is fluid, allowing for a continuous cycling experience, particularly evident when the motor disengages smoothly upon reaching the speed limit of 25 km/h.

Pinarello Nytro

Pinarello Nytro’s Battery Life and Charging

The Nytro is equipped with a 250Wh battery, which is modest yet sufficient due to the bike’s efficient power usage. Fully charged, it supports up to 80 kilometres of range, varying with the chosen mode and riding conditions. Recharging is fairly rapid, with a complete charge cycle from depleted to full taking about four hours. This makes the Nytro viable for daily commuting and extended weekend rides, provided the rider manages the battery life accordingly.

Additionally, the strategic placement and integration of the battery enhance the bike’s overall balance and ride dynamics. Unlike bulkier systems that can alter the handling characteristics of an e-bike, the Nytro’s battery is positioned to optimise the centre of gravity, ensuring stable and predictable handling even at higher speeds or on more demanding terrains. This thoughtful engineering contributes to a more enjoyable and secure riding experience, allowing cyclists to leverage the benefits of electric assistance without compromising on the agility and precision that Pinarello bikes are renowned for.

Comfort and Usability of the Pinarello Nytro

In terms of comfort, the Nytro meets high expectations. It features a geometry that expertly balances sportiness with comfort, facilitating prolonged rides without compromising on performance. The bike is outfitted with top-tier components, including a carbon fork that adeptly absorbs road vibrations. Its Shimano disc brakes ensure dependable stopping power under various conditions, bolstering safety and control.

The bike’s user interface is intuitive, with a handlebar-mounted control unit that simplifies switching between assist modes. This user-friendly approach extends across all facets of the bike, making the Nytro an exemplary choice for both e-bike novices and experienced riders seeking a performance-focused electric road bike.


The Pinarello Nytro distinguishes itself in the expanding e-bike market as a high-performance, visually appealing option that draws upon the brand’s esteemed road cycling heritage. It merges electric assist efficiency with traditional road bike performance, appealing to a wide spectrum of cyclists.

Although it commands a premium price, reflective of Pinarello’s market position, the investment is warranted by the bike’s exceptional quality, performance, and the flawless integration of its electrical components. The Nytro is particularly suited to riders desiring to broaden their cycling experiences without sacrificing the quality associated with a high-end road bike.

In conclusion, the Pinarello Nytro represents a significant melding of technology and tradition, offering a thrilling yet manageable riding experience that can revolutionise one’s approach to road cycling. Whether confronting hilly terrains or gliding on flat roads, the Nytro promises a robust and delightful riding experience, upheld by the reliability and prestige of the Pinarello brand.