Ribble Collective 2024: Pedal Power Unleashed

The Ribble Collective strides confidently into 2024, building on the triumphs of its inaugural season with an expanded roster of riders spanning Road, Gravel, and Triathlon disciplines.

Comprising a diverse cohort of cycling enthusiasts, the Ribble Collective thrives on camaraderie and shared passion for the sport. Supported by Ribble as ‘Privateers’, these riders embark on a journey to conquer personal cycling milestones throughout the year. Acting as ambassadors for the brand, they not only test Ribble bikes in real-world scenarios but also foster a supportive community, providing valuable feedback and inspiring others to embrace cycling. With a diverse array of bikes including the Ultra SL R, Gravel SL, and Ultra Tri models, the Collective is poised to make waves in the cycling world.

Reflecting on the successes of the past season, CEO Andy Smallwood highlights the Collective’s global presence and achievements, from clinching titles in prestigious events to representing Team GB at international competitions. With the addition of world-class triathletes to the already formidable lineup, the Collective anticipates another year of exhilarating performances and global inspiration.

In 2024, the Collective’s bikes sport a unified paint scheme featuring Gala Peacock teal accented with abstract Hot Pink flicker designs and standout Ribble decals, ensuring they stand out on the road and trail.

Welcoming new members such as former pro cyclist Kiera McVitty, UCI Gravel World Series silver medallist Amelia Mitchell, and Belgian road racer Ruben Apers, the Collective strengthens its ranks for the challenges ahead. From seasoned veterans to rising stars, riders like Maddy Nutt, Joe Laverick, Mikey Mottram, and Tom Couzins will compete on Ribble Gravel SL bikes, while triathletes Lewis Bradley, Dan Dixon, and Hugo Milner will pilot the Ultra SL R and Ultra Tri models.

Throughout the year, the Collective will vie for national titles and coveted qualifications in events spanning the globe, from the UK’s Dirty Reiver to international races like Unbound in the US and The Rift in Iceland. With their sights set on excellence, the Collective promises a year filled with thrilling on and off-road adventures.

2024 Ribble Collective Riders

From seasoned veterans to rising stars, the Ribble Collective Class of ’24 represents a diverse array of cycling talent across Road, Gravel, and Triathlon disciplines. With each rider bringing their unique skills and ambitions to the team, here’s a glimpse into what the season holds for these extraordinary athletes.

Ruben Apers, known for his artistic flair and rebellious spirit, sets his sights on epic races like Traka and Unbound, eager to conquer new challenges on the saddle of his Ribble bike. Lewis Bradley, a sociable and competitive triathlete, anticipates making a splash at the European Championships in Vichy, France, aiming for personal bests and podium finishes.

Tom Couzens, an adventurous gravel rider, eagerly awaits the opportunity to tackle The Rift, while Dan Dixon, a disciplined and intense triathlete, gears up for the Super Tri Series, driven by a quest for victory and personal growth.

Keira McVitty, with her eyes set on qualifying for prestigious events like the UCI Gravel World Championships and Xterra World Champs, epitomizes determination and resilience. Meanwhile, Hugo Milner, determined and ambitious, eyes a debut at the WTCS and aims for Olympic qualification, podium finishes, and personal growth.

Amelia Mitchell embraces the challenge of gravel racing, seeking to push her limits and explore new horizons at events like The Gralloch. Mikey Mottram, known for his industrious spirit and passion for the sport, aims to establish himself as a leading British gravel rider, while Maddy Nutt looks forward to international gravel races like Migration, eager to continue her development as a racer.

Finally, Joe Laverick, intelligent and charming, aims to solidify his position in the US racing scene after securing victory at Rattlesnake in Texas. Each rider embodies the spirit of the Ribble Collective, a community of individuals united by their love for cycling, their drive for excellence, and their shared commitment to pushing boundaries and achieving greatness.

As the Ribble Collective gears up for the season ahead, supported by Ribble’s cutting-edge bikes, including the Ultra SL R, Gravel SL, and Ultra Tri models, they stand ready to inspire, challenge, and conquer the roads and trails that lie ahead.

For more details on the Ribble Collective, the 2024 rider roster, and their race-ready bikes, visit here.