Ronde van Drenthe Relocates Finish to VAM-berg, Embracing Tradition and Change

The iconic Ronde van Drenthe, a staple in the cycling calendar, is set for an exciting transformation this year. Race chairman Femmy van Issum-Achterhes, reflecting on the race’s legacy and the changes ahead, highlights the significance of the VAM-berg as the new finish line.

The race, traditionally concluding in Hoogeveen, will now see competitors conquer the challenging ascent of the VAM-berg. This former landfill site has evolved into a cycling hotspot in recent years, hosting national championships and European competitions.

Van Issum-Achterhes emphasises the VAM-berg’s pivotal role, not only as a formidable obstacle but now as the ultimate destination for riders. The revised route will feature multiple laps centred around the VAM-berg, providing a thrilling and demanding course for participants. The men’s race has been dropped from the 2024 calendar already with the women’s race the more prestigious out of the pair.

Additionally, the Drentse 8 van Westerveld, a prelude to the Ronde van Drenthe, undergoes alterations to comply with environmental regulations. Despite these changes, organisers remain committed to delivering exceptional racing experiences while prioritising environmental sustainability.

The shift in focus towards women’s competitions underscores a commitment to inclusivity and innovation within the sport. With the support of sponsors and local communities, both races promise to uphold the proud cycling tradition of Drenthe.

As preparations intensify for the upcoming races, van Issum-Achterhes extends gratitude to all involved, from volunteers to participants, and looks forward to celebrating the unique spirit of cycling in Drenthe.

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