Roxane Fournier announces retirement ahead of French national championships

Roxane Fournier

Roxane Fournier, a stalwart of professional women’s cycling for nearly 25 years, has declared that this year will mark the end of her career. Suffering once again from arterial endofibrosis, Fournier has decided to hang up her wheels this Saturday at the French National Road Championships.

Reflecting on her journey, Fournier noted, “When I was little, I didn’t dream of being a professional cyclist; it didn’t exist. There were no prospects of making it a career, but I always held onto my deep passion for the sport. The evolution of women’s cycling in recent years has allowed me to live my passion, and that is the most beautiful thing that could have happened.”

Throughout her career, Fournier has experienced a mix of triumphs and tribulations. She amassed over ten professional victories, won French national titles on the track, and earned international medals. However, she also faced challenges, including significant crashes and missed objectives, with her career disrupted towards the end by arterial endofibrosis.

Looking back, Fournier expressed pride in her dedication and hard work. “I am proud of the resilience, rigour, effort, and determination I applied daily to become the best athlete I could be,” she said.

Roxanne Fournier

Fournier extended heartfelt thanks to those who supported her journey. She acknowledged her first club, PAC95, and coach Pascal Noel, her progression with ESGL, and her critical development period with DN Auber 93. She praised her time with Poitou-Charentes Futuroscope, where she learned to compete at the highest level and perform on some of the most prestigious races in the international calendar. She also appreciated her experiences abroad with Spain’s Movistar and the Netherlands’ SD Worx before returning to France with the Madeleines at St Michel-Mavic-Auber93, where she enjoyed sharing her extensive experience.

Fournier’s gratitude extended to her family, friends, and coaches, and she made special mention of her boyfriend, Fabien. “Supporting a professional cyclist daily is not always easy,” she remarked.

In a poignant conclusion, Fournier stated, “The loop is now complete. A chapter closes, but cycling will always remain my deep passion.” She invited her supporters to join her at 11:00 AM on Saturday in Saint Martin de Landelles for her final race, where she will pin on her last race number.

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