Roxane Fournier ends her career at French Championships

Roxane Fournier

Roxane Fournier, aged 32, concluded her professional cycling career after 14 years by crossing the finish line at the French Championships this Saturday. Around the team truck of St Michel – Mavic – Auber93, there were cakes and champagne as her team paid tribute to her contributions to the sport.

Reflecting on her career to Le Telegramme, Fournier noted, “It feels strange; I don’t really realise it yet. Maybe tomorrow (Sunday), when I wake up, it will hit me. I’ve been doing this for 25 years, 15 years at a high level, it will be a different life. But it’s a choice I stand by and am sure of. There are other things to do.”

Fournier has been battling an arterial endofibrosis for the past two years, a condition that has severely affected her performance. “It’s a relief to stop, but honestly, I still had a lot of desire deep down. But I’ve been suffering too much for the past two years with my artery. I underwent surgery, but nine months later, I had the same issue. I felt that something was always wrong. It’s been two years of enduring, not being able to perform at my best, and constantly having pain. As soon as I push for 4 or 5 minutes, I can’t feel my leg, I can’t force it. Cycling on one leg is a bit tough.”

Roxanne Fournier
Roxanne Fournier

Looking ahead, Fournier mentioned she has some ideas and projects in mind but plans to take the summer to relax first. “I didn’t plan on stopping on the 22nd of June. After that, I have ideas and projects to put in place. I want to stay in the sport; it’s my whole life. I want to give back what was given to me. It’s not concrete yet, but it will be in cycling.”

Fournier reminisced about her career highlights, including her first victory at the Tour de Bretagne Féminin in 2013 with BigMat – Auber93. “I reflected on my career this past week. When you’re living it, it goes by quickly, and you don’t realise what you’ve done. I’m proud of my career. I’ve seen the beginning where we didn’t win anything in women’s cycling, then I experienced being with the biggest teams (including Movistar), and I achieved great results (nine victories). I’ve ridden for SD Worx, worked with Demi Vollering and Lotte Kopecky, which was a privilege. I have no regrets. Finishing at Auber (St Michel – Mavic – Auber93), the team where I started, with a group of young talents, was important. It was the best ending I could have had.”

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