Look Keo Blade Carbon Composite Cromo Pedals

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Several years’ worth of research has gone into the design and build of Look’s Keo Blade Cromo pedals, resulting in a product which is light, durable, and secure. A Performance Pedal Intended for performance cycling, the blade of the Keo Blade is optimised for speed. As the name suggests, rather than the traditional coil system, these pedals use a blade retention system. The integration of the blade and pedal lessens the frontal area presented to the wind, improving aerodynamics and ultimately increasing speed. Furthermore, the carbon blade sits in the bed of the pedal, supported by a 67mm steel plate. Combined with a broad platform, means these pedals offer maximum power transfer from your hard-working legs to forward motion. Lightweight, Strong, Durable At 110 grams per pedal, this is a lightweight pedal system. But, despite being a featherweight, it’s secure and stable, so you can be confident you’re getting maximum performance when sprinting for the finish line. The pedals are fitted with an 8Nm carbon blade, but tension can be increased to 12Nm, if needed. The visibly oversized axle, combined with a spindle that passes through internal rollers under the pedal platform, increases efficiency and limits the loss of your precious watts. To enhance durability and reliability, the bearings are protected by an o-ring washer and are double-lipped seal to increase resistance to the elements. Product Features Technology: Blade Carbon Tension: 8Nm with 12 Nm spare blades Body: Carbon Spindle: Chromoly + Platform Material: Stainless Steel / INOX Platform Area: 700mm² Platform Width: 67mm Stack Height + Cleats: 1.8mm Weight Pedal: 110g Weight Pair + Cleat: 288g

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