Box Three Prime 9 Speed Drivetrain Groupset – 11-46t Multi Shift

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The Box Three groupset offers the same capability as its top-tier siblings but it’s built around a simpler platform. The cassette is more accessible at 11-46T and fashioned without a spider. The rear mech exploits Box’s Limited Slip clutch technology without the Tri-pack features. This allows you to shift easily with a comparable mechanism, although you’ll forgo the hinged clamp and die-cast structure. Lastly, it’s strung together with a Prime 9 chain but without extravagant coatings. If you’re looking to bring your mountain bike into the 21st century, then level up with this group. Box Three Prime 9 Shifter The Box Three shifter makes good use of nylon composites in both top and bottom shells as well as the levers. Box Three is our performance and value tier. So this shifter sheds all the fancy trappings of the top 2 tiers but maintains their shifting characteristics. All Prime 9 shifters take advantage of the 9-speed’s inherent durability, simplicity, and reliability. Not only is the shifter mechanism joyfully simplified, but fewer shifts are needed for every mile of travel. And the best part is? Prime 9 is also terribly forgiving so you won’t have to constantly adjust your set-up. Features: Material: Glass Fiber / Nylon Composite, Steel Extruded Clamp 2 Piece Pull Lever / Up to 3 Gears Per Shift Resin Top Shell Fast Action Release Lever Prime 9 Technology Multi Shift Option Not Intended for E-Bike Use Single Shift Option Recommended for E-Bike Use Weight: 128g Box Three Prime 9 Wide Rear Derailleur The Box Three Rear Derailleur simplifies the features found on the Prime 9 Box One and Two rear derailleurs making for a fully-featured wallet-friendly rear derailleur. Including a Limited Slip Clutch, Sealed bearing pulleys and a solid construction Box Three Rear derailleurs are compatible with 11-46 derailleurs making it one of the most versatile derailleur offerings for Prime 9. Features: Material: Aluminum, Glass Fiber / Nylon Composite, Steel Limited Slip Clutch Bearing Pulleys Nylon Composite Knuckle Direct Channel Cable Stay Die Cast Linkages Stamped Inner and Outer Cage Prime 9 Technology Compatible with Standard Derailleur Hangers (Non Direct-Mount) Weight: 349g Box Three Prime 9 Cassette  The Box Three cassette draws from both of its Box One and Box Two siblings to create a sensible all-rounder. All cogs are stamped from steel and subsequently, the larger ones are pinned to steel spiders. The main difference here versus Box Two is the use of additional weight-reducing holes on the cogs. Features: Material: Aluminum, Cold Rolled Steel Steel Stamped Cogs Steel Stamped Spiders Ultra-Wide Ratio with Consistent Progression Prime 9 Technology Compatible with HG Freehub Bodies Not Intended for E-Bike Use Weight: 660g Box Three Prime 9 126 Link Chain Polished The Box Three chain is polished and then chemically treated to achieve a basic level of corrosion resistance. All Prime 9 chains have chamfered shifting edges, solid plates and solid pins to safeguard durability. Our unique inner link spacing is engineered to grab those modern wide/narrow chainrings. We chose to modernize the 9-speed platform due to the chain’s spirited reputation. Features: Material: Hardened Alloy Steel Durable Hardened Solid Pin Prime 9 Technology Compatible with Modern Wide/Narrow Chainrings Weight: 312g   FAQ Does the Box Three Prime 9 Shifter come with a cable? Yes. All Box Three Twin Lever Shifters come with a stainless steel shift cable. How do I remove the cap from the cable port to install a new cable? To remove it, use a Phillips head screwdriver and turn it counter-clockwise a quarter turn You can then push the cap out by applying pressure to the cable from the other side. Please Note: The Cable Port is not a screw that un-threads from the cable port, if you turn the cable port screw more than 90 degrees damage may occur. Is the Box Three Prime 9 Shifter compatible with other 9 speed derailleurs? No, traditional 9 speed systems use a Cable Pull that is not compatible with prime 9.   DERAILLEUR Are Box Prime 9 derailleurs compatible with Shimano “direct mount” hangers? No, Shimano direct mount hangers are proprietary and are not compatible with Box derailleurs. Is the Box Three Prime 9 Derailleur compatible with other 9 speed components? No, traditional 9 speed systems use a Cable Pull that is not compatible with Prime 9. Are Box Prime 9 derailleurs compatible with drop bar (road) shifters?  No, Box Prime 9 derailleurs are not currently compatible with drop bar shifters, but we do offer a clamp for our shifters to mount on some 31.8mm drop handle bars. How should I clean my Box Three Prime 9 derailleur? We suggest removing the derailleur from the bike and using a soft bristle brush or rag with soapy water or a mild de-greaser. We do not recommend pressure washing, strong solvents or de-greasers as they could degrade the surface coating. How do I make adjustments to the derailleur? Please see our installation video at boxcomp

Box Three Prime 9 Speed Drivetrain Groupset - 11-46t Multi Shift

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