Fox Racing Speedframe Pro MTB Helmet Celz – L Black – Helmets

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Celz Limited Editions The Celz range features bright graphic treatments, with grids and bold colours applied across the whole garment. Inspired by light projected onto the human body, Celz is for those of you who love to express yourself on your mountain bike. It breaks things down to a cellular level allowing you to become one with your style. Ride Like a Pro It’s all going well, you’re in the zone and flying along the trails with ease. But we can all get caught out by a sudden lack of grip and/or pushing our skills just a bit beyond our capabilities. The result is often a sudden trip to the dirt. And it’s when you take a fall that you’ll be leaning on the outstanding protection offered by the Speedframe Pro MTB Helmet (Celz).  In the event of a hit to the head, the dual-density Varizorb EPS construction provides the first line of defence. This impact-absorbing foam is brilliant at soaking up crash forces from head impacts, spreading and dissipating them to protect your head. This shock-absorbing core works in tandem with the MIPS brain-protection system to keep you safe when it all goes wrong.  MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) The Mips system is designed to provide added safety for helmets in many accidents. For certain impacts, the Mips system can reduce harmful rotational motion that might otherwise be transferred to the user’s head. Rotational motion is a common cause of concussions in oblique hits to the head. In a crash, the Mips system is designed to move slightly inside the helmet to help redirect forces away from the head. Shop All MIPS Helmets Click Here    Fast Flowing Features With safety taken care of, next comes fit and comfort for all your singletrack slaying. A customisable fit is taken care of with the 360 Degree Fit System. A quick and simple twist of the rear dial gives a comfortable fit every time you go mountain biking. A magnetic Fidlock® SNAP helmet buckle keeps the helmet secure and is super-easy to use even with gloves on. A secure helmet is a safe helmet.  When you’re up to speed, the extensive airflow vents and internal channels keep cool air flowing and prevents you from overheating. Sweat is inevitable when working hard, but the removable, washable XT2® liner is quick to wick away moisture for superb comfort. It’s antimicrobial too, so keeps odours at bay and prevents any itching after a hot and sweaty biking session.

Fox Racing Speedframe Pro MTB Helmet Celz - L Black - Helmets

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