Gloworm X2 Light Head Unit (G2.0) – Light Only Black – Front Lights

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The perfect bike light has evolved. The Gloworm X2 is now ready to tackle the roughest trails and longest nights with a 2000 lumen output and 4 hours run time – making it the perfect companion for some serious nocturnal adventures. With the Gloworm Link mobile app, you can customise your light levels to suit your exact needs or simply plug and play. The Gloworm X2 (G2.0) is the most robust X2 yet, with a polycarbonate shell battery, fatigue-resistant/detachable cable and waterproof rating. You can take this light anywhere and everywhere and it will keep coming back for more. Please Note: This is the light unit only, a battery power pack must be purchased separately  – see G2.0 power pack here Gloworm Link Mobile App Gloworm Link makes the customisation of your light simple and convenient. The link allows you to select between 1 and 4 light levels and the type of light pattern for each level- Fixed or flashing. You can program the intensity of the fixed beam from 1-100% or choose from one of three flashing patterns. Link will also provide current battery charge and diagnostic information. The Gloworm universal mounting system provides unrivaled flexibility, allowing your light to be mounted to the helmet, bike or even head strap. Each Gloworm light features optics that can be changed to suit the preferences of the rider. Depending on the intended, changing the optics in light can greatly improve the overall user experience. For extra convenience, each light set features a selection of optics/alternative optics. The cables used on Gloworm Lights have been developed in conjunction with a specialist cable manufacturer. Cables on electronic equipment are an inherent weak point – so we created our cable to reduce this inherency and give your product a longer usable life. Paired with the fatigue-resistant cable, are our new rubberized strain reliefs, designed to protect the cable as it enters the light. The combination of both components creates the perfect solution for cable protection in a high use outdoor environment. Gloworm’s wireless button, the TX, is the ultimate in convenience and ease of use. Using RF technology, a rider can control one or more lights from a single remote. Additionally, control can be independent (one button for each light) or synchronised – enabling control of one or both lights without the rider needing to lift their hands from the bar. Safety, Convenience and Efficiency. Each Gloworm Light features the ability to customise the light levels. While our lights have default settings and are ready to go out of the box, they can also be modified to suit your individual needs. Default programming features Low, Medium and High light levels, however, if this doesn’t work for you then it’s a relatively simple process to customise the light levels for your needs. Default Settings: Low (20%) / Medium (70%) / High (100%). Special mode: Disrupted flash pattern A special mode is activated by double-clicking the button when the light is off. This allows the user to conduct any outdoor activity without having to cycle through the special mode and having an interruption of a steady light beam. The light is turned off by holding the button for appx 2 seconds. Key Features: 2000 Lumens 4 hours runtime at max brightness Wireless TX Remote (G2.0) Customisable Beam Pattern Mobile App Compatibility Detachable Power Cable What’s Included: X2 Light Head (G2.0) Unit Only

Gloworm X2 Light Head Unit (G2.0) - Light Only Black - Front Lights

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