Simac Ladies Tour sees key riders forced out due to injury and illness

Lucinda Brand 2023 Simac Ladies Tour collarbone

In a sport known for its unpredictable turns and high-risk moments, the Simac Ladies Tour was once again marked by dramatic events, the fallout of which has ramifications for the season’s trajectory for two pivotal riders.

Lucinda Brand, the prominent face of Lidl-Trek, met with misfortune during the fourth stage of the Simac Ladies Tour. As confirmed by her recent Instagram post, Brand sustained an injury around her collarbone ligaments due to a crash. “Not really the bang I wanted to end the road season with,” she commented, suggesting a more extended recovery period than initially anticipated. Brand’s post concluded with an optimistic tone, relying on her medical team for a swift recovery strategy: “I will be out for a few weeks, but I am sure the doctors have a good recovery plan.”

This incident not only forced Brand to withdraw from the race but also impacted another participant. Riejanne Markus, who was entangled in the same accident, couldn’t complete the race either. She has mentioned on Instagram that she hit her head in the crash so withdrew to focus on other goals and not take a risk with a concussion.

Jumbo Visma race director Carmen Small commented on Markus’s accident: “Unfortunately, Riejanne was involved in a crash”. Small emphasised the inherent risks in the sport: “In retrospect, it was unnecessary, but unfortunately, these things happen in racing.” She also lauded the team’s resilience, saying, “Hats off to the rest of the ladies for coping with the loss of two of our riders. There are only a few ladies left, but we will do our best tomorrow to defend our good positions.”

Demi Vollering Sidelines Herself Amid Health Concerns

Another unexpected exit from the Simac Ladies Tour was that of Demi Vollering, the Tour victor. Struggling with a debilitating cold, the management of team SD Worx deemed it prudent for Vollering to withdraw from the race, prioritising her long-term health over short-term gains. Sporting manager Danny Stam elaborated on the decision, noting, “Demi hasn’t been feeling great the past few days, but she tried to persevere. But now that it appears that she is ill, rest is the only right choice.”

While this was a setback, Vollering’s season is far from over. She has the Tour de Romandie lined up in mid-September, followed closely by the time trial and the European Championship road race in October. Stam exudes confidence in her potential performance in these upcoming events but also highlighted that Vollering’s season has already been a resounding success.

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