Stijn Steels rejoins the Wolfpack in a new role at AG Insurance-Soudal

Stijn Steels AG Insurance-Soudal

Stijn Steels is set to return to the world of professional cycling, taking up a new position within the sportive department of AG Insurance-Soudal. After concluding his professional riding career, which included a significant stint with The Wolfpack from 2020 to 2022, Steels is enthusiastic about his fresh start and the opportunities to contribute to the team’s success from a different angle.

In his new role, Steels will work closely with notables such as Servais Knaven and Christian Kos, and under the direction of Jolien D’hoore, the team’s current sportive manager. His reunion with D’hoore, a former university classmate at the University of Ghent, adds a personal dimension to his professional transition.

“I was immediately drawn to this ambitious project. The professionalism and motivation at AG Insurance-Soudal are set to steer the team to the pinnacle of professional cycling. I am thrilled to be part of that journey,” Steels shared, highlighting his unexpected return to the sport. He emphasised the appealing aspects of the role, including the familiar environment and the opportunity to mentor the next generation of cyclists.

Steels also noted his eagerness to give back to the sport that shaped much of his life, expressing satisfaction in his new role: “It’s a pleasure to be able to contribute in a sportive leadership role, guiding new talents and aiming for collective success.”