Stina Kagevi joins Team Coop Hitec Products for 2024 & 2025

Stina Kagevi

Stina Kagevi will join the team on a two-year deal. At just 17 years old, she is already a double Swedish National Champion in the ITT and road race in 2022/2023. Kagevi will also race for Sweden at the 2023 World Championship junior road race this week. The Swede is also a multi-discipline rider, winning the Swedish cyclocross title and has a pair of MTB wins this season at Lugnet and the Huskvarna MTB-Tour.

Update: 2023 World Championships Junior Road Race

Kagevi would go on to finish 31st in the junior road race in Glasgow. The Swede was near the front of the race but a crash on a corner forced her to lose timing changing bikes and wasn’t reflective of her effort in the race.

Stina Kagevi made a really good effort, I think. She joined the first group that went hard from the start and more than half the field disappeared. Then it was hard driving for one more lap, but Stina kept up well.

It was really hard riding, Stina ended up in the second group and in that situation charged a bit hard into a curve, crashed and had to change bikes. It wasn’t the result Stina had hoped for, but I definitely think it was a really good race by Stina.”

Assistant Sweden national team captain Alexander Wetterhall.

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