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Team dsm-firmenich announces renewals for 4 riders

Francesca Barale

Team DSM-Firmenich announced significant contract extensions for key members of its Women’s programme today, marking a commitment to the future of their team. Riders Francesca Barale and Esmée Peperkamp are signed up to race until 2025, Becky Storrie has an extension until 2024, and Elise Uijen commits to a lengthy stay until 2027.

Francesca Barale: With only two professional years under her belt, Barale has swiftly become an integral part of the team. Her impressive junior track record includes consecutive Italian championships in the road race. Her growth and analytical approach to cycling have been pivotal to the team’s successes, notably at the La Vuelta Femenina and Giro Donne. Expressing her contentment, Barale mentions, “The way that the team works and operates aligns perfectly with my approach, making it an ideal fit.”

Rudi Kemna, Team DSM-Firmenich’s head coach, lauded Barale’s abilities on climbs and her dedication to the team’s objectives.

Esmée Peperkamp
Esmée Peperkamp
Photo Credit: Patrick Brunt

Esmée Peperkamp: Beginning her cycling career later than most, Peperkamp’s adaptability is commendable. Her performance at the UAE Tour, and participation in all three Grand Tours, make her one of the team’s critical assets. Grateful for the opportunities, Peperkamp acknowledges, “This team’s atmosphere is remarkable, and the cohesive effort makes it perfect for a team player like myself.”

Kemna adds Peperkamp’s natural talent and growth trajectory promise a bright future as a finisher.

Becky Storrie
Photo Credit: Eloise Mavian /

Becky Storrie: Transitioning from a triathlete to a full-time cyclist post her recovery from chronic fatigue, Storrie’s rise in the world of professional cycling has been meteoric. Her debut at the Giro Donne allowed her to flaunt her climbing prowess, assisting teammate Juliette Labous to clinch second place. Reflecting on her journey, Storrie states, “The team’s reputation for moulding riders is unparalleled. I believe it’s the perfect place for me to flourish.” Kemna emphasises Storrie’s potential, while also noting the areas she could further enhance, appreciating her receptiveness to expert guidance.

Elise Uijen
Elise Uijen

Elise Uijen: Joining in 2022 after a formidable junior career, Uijen faced initial challenges. However, with the team’s support, she’s had significant achievements, such as a stellar win at Setmana Ciclista Valenciana. Speaking about her contract extension, Uijen says, “The team feels like home. I believe it’s the best environment for my growth both professionally and personally.” Coach Kemna believes Uijen possesses the potential for classics and foresees her making significant strides as she transitions into elite-level racing.