Team Visma | Lease a Bike sets sights on Tour of Flanders following recent victory

Marianne Vos 2024 Flanders Presse Conference

After Marianne Vos’s remarkable victory at Dwars door Vlaanderen, Team Visma | Lease a Bike is now gearing up for the Tour of Flanders, set to be the season’s first monumental cycling event this coming Sunday. Vos, alongside teammate Margaux Vigie, is eagerly anticipating what is often referred to as the Flanders High Mass, representing the Dutch outfit with high hopes.

Vos’s recent win at Dwars door Vlaanderen, marking her 250th elite road victory, serves as a significant morale booster for the team. However, Vos remains cautious, acknowledging the distinct challenges the Tour of Flanders presents compared to previous races. “Going into the next race with a win behind you is always a good feeling,” Vos remarked, reflecting on her victory. Yet, she was quick to note the unique demands of the Tour of Flanders, highlighting its increased difficulty due to more climbs and a heightened sense of nervousness among competitors.

Fem van Empel
Fem van Empel

The Tour of Flanders, celebrated for its storied history, challenging climbs, and infamous cobbled sections, is particularly special for Vigie, who is tackling the event for the second time. The French cyclist, new to Team Visma | Lease a Bike this season, expressed her admiration for the race’s iconic status and her role in supporting team leaders Vos and Fem van Empel. Despite the stiff competition, Vigie remains hopeful about the team’s prospects, underscoring the collective ambition to secure a victory.

Vigie’s journey with the team had a rocky start due to a crash in her debut race at Valencia, forcing her to retire early. Nevertheless, she credits the team’s medical staff for her swift recovery and is now fully prepared to contribute to the team’s efforts at the Tour of Flanders.

The team’s lineup for the race includes not only Vos, Vigie, and Van Empel but also Sophie von Berswordt, Lieke Nooijen, and Linda Riedmann, all ready to face the challenges of the 163-kilometre course. With 12 climbs and seven cobbled sections, featuring the formidable Koppenberg, Oude Kwaremont, and Paterberg, the team is poised for a demanding yet potentially rewarding race day.

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