An experience engraved forever in the history of the team

These eight days of racing will have been intense for our team, which went through all the emotions: joy, pride, doubt, sadness and disappointment when having to let their friends continue the Tour.

We are also very proud of the values we transmitted in the difficult times linked to the falls, such as the courage to fight, the sacrifice, the abnegation and the sharing with the magnificent public of the Tour, who have been of incredible support. throughout this week.

The team emerges from this magnificent experience having been able to overcome the various obstacles (falls, illnesses, etc.).

Some admirable performances

We will remember the fine performances of Séverine Eraud with a 26th place at Epernay, a 23rd place at the Markstein and a 29th at the Super Planche des Belles Filles, being with the yellow jersey group at the foot of the pass. Séverine has nothing to be ashamed of in her Tour de France, after nearly running out of time following her crash on day 4.

Touched in the left knee, she didn’t give up and fought until the last day for her teammates who had to leave the race (sacral fracture, surgical operations and other pathologies requiring rest for two other runners).

Once again, thank you to the Tour de France Women for inviting the team to this event, which turned out to be the most beautiful in the world. We are convinced that the Tour is an additional step, which allowed us to cross a new level, in order to reach the heights.