Tiril Jørgensen signs for 2 more years at Coop-Hitec Products

Tiril Jorgensen

Team Coop-Hitec Products has confirmed a fresh two-year contract extension for Tiril Jørgensen, underscoring their faith in the Norwegian rider they’ve dubbed the “breakaway kid.” The deal sees the team consolidating their investment in a young talent, who has shown considerable promise in both national and international events.

Jørgensen first made her mark in the junior ranks, garnering attention for her proclivity to launch daring breakaways that often reaped rewards. As she transitioned into the elite circuit, she has continued to display her trademark aggressiveness. Her 2021 season saw a commendable series of performances, including a top-ten finish at the Thüringen Ladies Tour, demonstrating her capability to compete at a high level.

Though she has yet to reach the podium in UCI Women’s WorldTour races, Jørgensen’s unique strength lies in her ability to be a game-changer in stage races and one-day classics. Her riding style lends itself to strategies that disrupt the rhythm of the peloton, forcing her competitors to make spur-of-the-moment decisions that can have a lasting impact on the race outcome.

In the past, she has balanced her cycling commitments with participation in collegiate sports, adding a layer of versatility to her athletic profile. This multi-disciplinary approach may well be a key factor in her rapid ascendancy in the professional cycling realm.

While Team Coop-Hitec Products has made multiple strategic signings this season, the retention of Jørgensen is particularly significant. The team has effectively chosen to back a rider who not only brings youthful exuberance but also a tactical depth that could prove pivotal in crunch situations. It’s clear that the team sees Jørgensen as an integral part of their future plans.

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