TotalEnergies declare interest in Julian Alaphilippe for 2024

Julian Alaphilippe

As most of the cycling world will be aware, there are strong rumours circulating that Soudal Quick-Step could be engulfed by juggernaut Jumbo-Visma. Amidst the financial struggles of Soudal Quick Step, Julian Alaphilippe, France’s cycling darling, may suddenly become a hot commodity on the transfer market. The Vendée-based second-division team, TotalEnergies, helmed by Jean-René Bernaudeau, has openly expressed interest in signing Alaphilippe, setting the stage for what could be a coup in French cycling.

While Soudal Quick-Step scrambles to secure funding and its future hangs in balance, TotalEnergies’ CEO Patrick Pouyanné made it categorically clear that Alaphilippe would be “more than welcome” on his team. His statement underlines a genuine enthusiasm for acquiring a star of Alaphilippe’s calibre, known for his electrifying presence and resonance with the French populace since his 14-day reign in yellow during the 2019 Tour de France.

Financial concerns, however, could play a decisive role in these unfolding developments. Alaphilippe’s current contract, slated to last until the end of 2024, comes with a hefty salary that TotalEnergies would need to match – or perhaps negotiate downwards. Although Pouyanné has shown a willingness to “break the bank” for Alaphilippe, it’s suggested there may still be financial boundaries. The question arises, then: will the 31-year-old be willing to take a pay cut to join the Vendée-based squad?

The timing of this potential transfer gains added significance as TotalEnergies looks to revamp its roster following Peter Sagan’s recent retirement. The addition of Alaphilippe would not merely be a sportive asset but a lucrative commercial boost, shining a spotlight on a team already endeared by the French, courtesy of past exploits by riders like Thomas Voeckler.

According to Pouyanné, TotalEnergies backs a sports project centred around youth development and training, in a predominantly French line-up. “Alaphilippe’s personality as a rider loved by the French public can certainly interest us. If he is willing to commit to the team’s project, he would, of course, be welcome,” the CEO said.

The sporting implications cannot be discounted either. Alaphilippe’s tactical astuteness and uplifting spirit could be the missing puzzle piece in a team where emerging talents like Burgaudeau are on the rise. Yet, the Frenchman will also have to contend with expectations for higher performance levels than in recent years, given that injuries have not spared him.

In summary, Alaphilippe’s potential move to TotalEnergies is rife with both opportunities and complications. Financial, sportive, and emotional aspects are all part of this equation. The transfer could be a game-changer for both Alaphilippe and TotalEnergies, elevating the French team’s stature and offering a fresh chapter in the rider’s career. However, like any high-stakes gamble, it’s a roll of the dice with results yet to be seen.

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