UAE Team ADQ sweeps GP Liberazione in spectacular fashion

Chiara Consonni led an all-UAE Team ADQ podium at the GP della Liberazione PINK, delivering a stunning performance alongside Silvia Persico and Eleonora Gasparrini in Rome. The trio completed the race with a remarkable display of teamwork and strategy, crossing the finish line together in a celebratory parade at Viale delle Terme di Caracalla.

From the outset, UAE Team ADQ was the favourite and they lived up to expectations. Two years ago, when representing Valcar Travel & Service, Consonni was crucial to Persico’s victory. This year, their roles were reversed, showcasing the depth and consistency of the team. This 1-2-3-4 result by the team marks their first UCI victory since January, when Eleonora Gasparrini finished 1st at the Trofeo Binissalem-Andratx.

The race was animated from the start, with Gasparrini making a decisive move in the final laps. Her effort created a significant gap that only her teammates Consonni and Persico could bridge. Together, they managed to fend off any competition, leading to their collective sprint to the finish line.

Post-race, Consonni reflected on the significance of her victory. “This win is somewhat of a liberation, pardon the pun,” she said. “I’ve come close so many times; it feels great to finally celebrate with my arms in the air.” Gasparrini, recognised for her combativeness, and Persico, echoed this sentiment, each highlighting their individual contributions to a well-executed team plan.

The success at GP Liberazione adds another layer to UAE Team ADQ’s impressive season. Their dominance was not only a testament to their strength but also an effective demonstration of their tactical prowess. As the race unfolded under sunny skies, the team meticulously controlled the pace, blocking any attempts from rivals to challenge their lead.

With the Olympics on the horizon, this victory at GP Liberazione serves as a perfect stepping stone for Consonni and her teammates. As they look forward to more challenges in track and road cycling, their performance in Rome will undoubtedly boost their confidence. Paolo Sangalli, the national coach, remarked on the quality of the competition and the clear gap between the World Tour teams and the Continental teams, but also praised the Continental teams for their efforts to challenge the leaders and push forward the emerging under-23 talents.

2024 GP della Liberazione PINK result

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