Disqualification of Johannes Kulset in the Tour of Slovenia for ‘supertuck’ descent

Johannes Kulset from Uno-X faced disqualification from the Tour of Slovenia on Friday for repeatedly using the banned ‘super tuck’ descending position during stage 3, which spanned from Ljubljana to Nova Gorica.

The Norwegian rider was seen adopting this position, with his chest low on the bars and forward of the saddle, in a video of the incident. Kulset, who was part of a 13-rider leading group in the final 10 kilometres of the 160.5km stage, finished in the 12-man group, 11 seconds behind stage winner Giovanni Aleotti from Bora-Hansgrohe.

Kulset was tailed off just before a downhill section of the category 3 climb to Ravnica and again over the summit. Both times, he used the banned position to rejoin the group. After rejoining, he continued to ride at the front in pursuit of Aleotti. Although Aleotti also tried to adopt a more aerodynamic position on the descent, he avoided disqualification by remaining on the saddle, a legal workaround under the UCI rules.

Performance and Safety Regulations

The race jury ultimately disqualified Kulset for his descending style, which has been banned since April 1, 2021, according to the UCI’s regulations aimed at improving safety in road races.

By making his way back to the group, Kulset had moved into the top 10 of the general classification. However, his use of the ‘super tuck’ position, banned under the UCI’s safety regulations, resulted in his disqualification. The UCI, cycling’s governing body, instituted this ban as part of a series of measures to enhance safety during races.

Impact on the Race

Aleotti, who won the stage, managed to avoid disqualification by staying within the legal bounds of the regulations. He finished ahead of the group, securing a critical win without violating the safety rules.

Kulset’s disqualification highlights the strict enforcement of the UCI’s safety regulations. While it allowed him to momentarily gain an advantage, it ultimately led to his removal from the race, underscoring the importance of adhering to the rules, even in the heat of competition.

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