Update Mylène de Zoete


I crashed in the SPAR Flanders Diamond Tour on June 13. It was an unlucky crash because I landed on my arm. From the moment I tried to get up I knew it was not okay and that my arm was broken. I was immediately brought to hospital in Belgium where they diagnosed me with a broken ulna and radius. They were in two pieces. After consulting with our team doctors Ivo and Sophie we decided I would get surgery in The Hague, in the Netherlands.

The surgery took place on Monday morning after the race and it all went well. The first few days I had to keep my arm higher during the day and the night because there was a lot of swelling. After five days that went better and from then my recovery is going fast. I started on the Tacx trainer and two weeks ago the stitches in my arm were removed. The doctor said I could try to ride outside and I did that for the first time last Tuesday.

I am taking it very easy and approach the recovery step by step. So far everything is going really well.