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Valentine Fortin extends with Cofidis until end of 2025

Valentine Fortin

During a lively spring, Valentine Fortin’s dedication, rigorous training, and investment bore fruit. Last May, in two separate stages of the Bretagne Ladies Tour on Stage 2 and then again on Stage 5 in Brittany. — Valentine emerged victorious. Both wins were the outcome of well-thought-out teamwork, with each teammate contributing to the eventual triumph. They were the first wins that the Cofidis women’s team has achieved since its creation.

Valentine, at the young age of 24, has become a key component of the Cofidis women’s team. Being part of the team since its formation, she has acquainted herself with the thrill of prestigious races, the energy-packed Tour de France, and the challenging Paris-Roubaix. Her exceptional talent, enthusiasm, and team spirit have enabled her to secure a prominent position within the team.

The decision to extend her journey with the team for another two seasons came naturally to Valentine according to her and she is driven by the desire to improve her skills and to experience the exhilaration of victory once more. The extended contract also provides a sense of stability during the preparation for the dual challenges of road and track racing in the coming year, with the Paris 2024 Olympic Games on her horizon. Valentine aims to do well in both formats of the sport, especially with a home games in Paris approaching. Furthermore, she anticipates making a significant impact at the French championships this Saturday in Cassel, conveniently located near the Cofidis racing headquarters.

I am very grateful and I would like to thank Cofidis for its trust. It is particularly encouraging to know that we enjoy such trust. For me as for the staff, it was natural to extend. We are constantly progressing, we had our first victories and that makes us want to continue. 

I already have very good memories within the team: the Tour de France last year, my 1st Paris-Roubaix and my first victories too. The next two seasons will perhaps be the best of my life, so I want to capitalise on our qualities to continue to perform well!

Valentine Fortin