Wout van Aert talks more about the Giro d’Italia 2024 plan


Wout van Aert, the Belgian cycling all-rounder, appeared as a guest on the popular cycling podcast De Rode Lantaarn, where he discussed his ambitions for the upcoming season. In the conversation, Van Aert touched upon the Giro d’Italia, indicating that if he were to participate, it would require significant sacrifices to compete for the general classification.

Recently, Van Aert experienced a change in his coaching setup, transitioning from working with Marc Lamberts to Mathieu Heijboer. Despite being initially surprised by Lamberts’ departure, Van Aert is adjusting to the change and plans to maintain contact with his former coach.

Van Aert also shared insights from his visit to Colombia with Rigoberto Urán. He was impressed by Urán’s immense popularity in his home country and reflected on his own growing fame, emphasising his efforts to stay grounded amidst the attention. He also recounted the transition from cyclo-cross to road racing, acknowledging initial uncertainties but gaining confidence after achieving a podium finish in Strade Bianche and a stage win in the 2019 Tour de France.

Regarding the Giro, Van Aert, with a hint of humour about the public knowledge of his likely participation, expressed a preference for targeting stage victories over the general classification. He stressed the importance of realism, acknowledging that while he doesn’t see limits in what he can achieve, the sacrifices required for a GC bid may not align with his other ambitions. Van Aert values the diversity of his current racing activities and the satisfaction they bring. He is candid about his approach, emphasising his focus on winning or contributing to team victories rather than pursuing mere high placements.

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