Zwift Ride: A New Indoor Cycling Option


Zwift, known for its advancements in fitness technology, has launched Zwift Ride, a new indoor cycling setup designed to enhance the indoor cycling experience. This latest product aims to offer a more accessible and user-friendly alternative for indoor cyclists.

Zwift Ride integrates the Zwift Smart Frame with a Smart Trainer to simulate outdoor cycling conditions indoors. Riders can experience virtual hills and valleys with a high level of realism, providing a more engaging and challenging workout.

One of the notable features of Zwift Ride is its straightforward setup and adjustability. The ‘Frame Key,’ stored in the top tube, allows for easy adjustments to saddle height, handlebar height, and reach, accommodating riders from 5ft (152cm) to 6ft 6in (198cm).

Integrated Controls

The handlebars feature dual control pads for easy interaction with the Zwift interface, allowing riders to navigate menus and use features like RideOns and PowerUps. Customisable buttons on the levers offer additional shortcuts for enhanced functionality during workouts.

Virtual shifting on the Zwift Ride is designed to be quiet and precise, with options for different shifting styles, including Shimano, SRAM, or sequential.

Zwift Ride is equipped with two bottle cages designed for indoor use and a front tray for essentials like food, towels, and phones. An optional tablet holder, priced at £39.99, integrates with the front tray and secures the tablet with a quick-release strap.

Pricing and Availability

Zwift Ride with KICKR CORE will start shipping from 26 June. Early registration is available at The pricing is as follows:

  • USA: $1,299.99
  • EU: €1,299.99
  • UK: £1,199.99
  • Canada: $1,999.99
  • Australia: $2,299.95

The Zwift Ride Tablet Holder is available at:

  • USA: $49.99
  • EU: €49.99
  • UK: £39.99

Zwift Ride will be available in the USA, EU, and UK through and, and in Canada and Australia through only.

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