Zwift introduces Zwift Ride: a convenient indoor bike experience


Launching in 26th Jun, Zwift has unveiled the Zwift Ride, an always-ready indoor cycling setup designed to enhance the Zwift experience. This innovative smart bike combines a Zwift Smart Frame with a Smart Trainer, making indoor cycling more convenient than ever.

Zwift Ride with KICKR CORE will be available at $1,299 in the US, UK, EU, Canada, and Australia. The realistic feel of Zwift’s virtual terrain brings the outdoor cycling experience indoors. Zwift CEO and Co-Founder, Eric Min, said, “Zwift Ride brings all the benefits of a smart bike at an incredibly affordable price. It’s clean, quiet, easy to set up and adjust, and can be shared with any household member. I’ve been riding mine for many months and can’t wait to share the experience with other Zwifters!”

Simple setup and adjustability

Simplicity is a key feature of Zwift Ride. With the included ‘Frame Key’, users can easily set up and adjust the bike. The Frame Key, the only tool needed to assemble the Zwift Ride Smart Frame, is stored securely in the top tube for easy access. The bike can be adjusted to fit riders between 5ft (152cm) and 6ft 6 inches (198cm), with adjustments for saddle height, bar height, and reach clearly marked on the frame.


Integrated control and accessories

The integrated handlebars feature dual control pads, allowing full control of Zwift from the handlebars. Users can navigate menus, give RideOns, or deploy PowerUps with a button press. Additional buttons at the base of the levers can be customised for shortcuts, ideal for sprinting to the line. Virtual shifting on Zwift Ride is silent and precise, with gear options for every Zwift terrain. Riders can choose their preferred shifting style – Shimano, SRAM, or sequential.

Zwift Ride also includes practical features such as two bottle cages with a drop-in, lift-out design, and a front tray for essentials like food, a towel, and a phone. The tray’s rubber cover is non-slip and removable for easy cleaning. An optional tablet holder, priced at $49.99, integrates with the front tray, securely holding iOS or Android tablets via a quick-release fixing strap.

Availability and pricing

USAZwift Ride with KICKR CORE$1,299.99
EUZwift Ride with KICKR CORE€1,299.99
UKZwift Ride with KICKR CORE£1,199.99
CanadaZwift Ride with KICKR CORE$1,999.99
AustraliaZwift Ride with KICKR CORE$2,299.95
USAZwift Ride Tablet Holder$49.99
EUZwift Ride Tablet Holder€49.99
UKZwift Ride Tablet Holder£39.99

Available in the USA, EU, and UK via Available in Canada and Australia via only.

For more information and to buy, visit Zwift Ride

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