Action Team SD Worx yields EUR 13,050 for TRADE


Team SD Worx has collect 13,050 euros with a crowdfunding campaign for the TRADE project of, among others, Maastricht University. The riders donated their prize money from the Amstel Gold Race with a value of €2350. In addition, a Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL7 team race bike and five race jerseys were auctioned. There were also various spontaneous donations.   

The TRAuma and DEmentia (TRADE) project of elderly psychiatrist and researcher Sjacko Sobczak focuses on the fact that traumatic experiences can lead to serious psychiatric complaints. It even doubles the risk of dementia. When people develop dementia, the experiences of the traumatic experience can reappear in full force. Anna van der Breggen presented a check on behalf of the team, to Sjacko Sobczak. Team manager Erwin Janssen and Guido Vanderbroeck from the Limburg University Fund / SWOL, the charity foundation of Maastricht University, were also present.

Sjacko Sobczak: “Not everyone who experiences a traumatic experience develops problems. This has to do with resilience, among other things. Part of this resilience may already be in your DNA, but other factors also play a role, such as your physical condition and whether you live a healthy life. Exercise, healthy food and limiting the use of stimulants not only keep you physically but also mentally fit. ” 

It was precisely in resilience, movement and a healthy lifestyle that there was a parallel with the cycling team. “Everyone knows someone in their environment who suffers from dementia. That is why this study appealed to us, ”said Olympic champion Anna van der Breggen. “All riders in the team immediately thought it was a great initiative to commit ourselves to this. We are therefore pleased that this initiative has generated a lot of money. ”

Researcher Sjacko Sobczak was extremely happy with the amount of money: “With this amount we can take further steps in our research. In addition, Team SD Worx’s campaign has generated quite a lot of publicity, as a result of which other parties have also pledged support. This action is really an enormous motivation for us in further research. ”