Amandine Fouquenet : “A very high level in this Giro Donne”


Learning continues for our riders on the roads of the Giro Donne. Léa was able to follow the leading group.

Amandine Fouquenet

“ Another very hot day! It was a stage with 10km in line before a 17km circuit to be done 5 times. I managed to hold out until 1 lap from the finish. I have already let go at the top of the bump on the penultimate lap. I managed to come back but on the last lap since I was still in a bad position, I gave in again. There is a very high level and I end up in a third group with Lucie a few minutes from the winner of the day”.

The debrief
Franck Renimel (Sporting Director) : “Today was a circuit race with a relatively rolling bump. A 17km circuit to be covered 5 times, there were relatively few movements apart from the attempt by Trek-Ségafredo, but never a selection was made within the peloton. The pace accelerated in the final with around thirty riders who went to the front, including Léa who was able to follow the group. For the others, it was a little more complicated because of the fatigue and their placements when the race got tense. Élisa Longo Borghini went out with Marianne Vos who won. They attacked in the last bump. Unfortunately, Léa lacked a little strength on this type of finish, it is worth highlighting this great initiative on her part”.