Amandine Fouquenet looking ahead to Troyes World Cup race after up and down weekend of racing

Amandine Fouquenet

Amandine Fouquenet, representing Arkéa, delivered a commanding performance to secure victory in the French Cup race in Albi, redeeming her previous day’s defeat by Amandine Vidon. Fouquenet, reflecting on her win, noted that the previous circuit suited her less, with the thicker, stickier mud not being to her liking. She mentioned a leg issue that made the more liquid mud on this course more favourable for her, expressing satisfaction with her win.

Fouquenet took an early lead and managed it with ease. She enjoys taking control of the race, appreciating the opportunity to race without pressure, undeterred by minor mistakes. Despite a comfortable lead, she remained committed to not easing up, emphasising the importance of maintaining effort for upcoming races.

This victory, following her second place the day before, shifts the weekend’s outcome to a more positive note for the Brittany native. She is now looking forward to the French Cup finale in Flamanville, where she currently leads. Before that, however, she has her sights set on the World Cup in Troyes. Fouquenet aims to affirm her international standing in Troyes, acknowledging that performance will depend on the course and weather conditions. She recognises that every rider has preferred terrains and varying moments of strength, with this recent win certainly marking a high point for her.

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