Astana Qazaqstan Launches Astana Dewi Women’s Team

Astana Dewi 2024 team

Astana Qazaqstan, a long-term team in men’s cycling has now expanded its reach by establishing the Astana Dewi Women’s Team, a continental outfit aimed at nurturing Asian women’s cycling talents, particularly from Kazakhstan and Indonesia. This new team, formed in collaboration with Dewi Cycling and led by Raja Sapta Oktohari, is set to serve as what it calls, a vital catalyst in the progression of women’s cycling across the Asian continent.

The decision to create the Astana Dewi Women’s Team was driven by the escalating popularity of women’s cycling and the broadening of the race calendar for women. The initiative intends to open new doors and focus on fostering skilled female cyclists. The team has already secured backing from prominent sponsors like Wilier for bicycles, Limar for helmets, and Biemme for cycling apparel.

Vadim Kravchenko, with a wealth of experience in managing women’s cycling teams, steps in as the Head Coach. His expertise is seen as invaluable for the team’s growth. Astana Dewi Women’s Team comprises eight riders for the 2024 season: Ossim Akpeil, Faina Potapova, Violetta Kazakova, Bota Batyrbekova, Alina Spirina, Ayustina Delia Priathna, Jasmeek Kaur Sekhon, and Dara Latifah. This diverse lineup is poised to make a significant mark in Asian women’s cycling.

The team marks a new chapter in Astana’s dedication to cycling development and represents a mission to support and nurture emerging talents. The establishment of this team underlines the impact of sports like cycling on tourism, highlighting the Kazakh Ministry of Tourism and Sports’ support.

Astana Dewi Women Team says it aims to inspire female cyclists in the region, potentially motivating other countries to invest in women’s cycling development. This initiative is set to positively influence the cycling landscape in Asia, offering young talents new and exciting opportunities.

Astana Women 2020
Astana Women back in 2020

Previously, there was a women’s team called Astana for many years. Stars like Arlenis Sierra and Katia Ragusa rode for that team which was based in Italy. That team became AR Monex after the covid pandemic and despite the same name and colours, never had an actual tie to the men’s Astana team.