Katia Ragusa keen to progress with Human Powered Health in 2024

Katia Ragusa is poised to enter a new phase of her career when she joins Human Powered Health next season. Especially after surmounting a significant physical setback. After her transfer from Liv Racing, where her tenure spanned two educational yet inconsistent years, Ragusa, in an interview with Bici.pro, reflected on her experiences and the anticipation of embarking on her new journey.

Ragusa, who has been recently plagued by a troublesome leg ailment, has resolved the issue and is eager to embrace the challenges of the 2024 season with renewed vigour. She attributed her recovery to a successful angioplasty performed in late September, which addressed a genetic peculiarity involving dual arteries supplying her quadriceps. The intervention was minimally invasive and, following a positive post-operative assessment has left her in high spirits and focused on regaining muscular balance.

With aspirations of emulating her stellar performance at Roubaix, Ragusa anticipates the upcoming season as a pivotal opportunity to establish her prowess within the WorldTour. Her strategy includes kick-starting the year at the Tour Down Under in Australia, a deliberate choice to bolster her condition ahead of the spring classics. Additionally, a structured training stint in Calpe is scheduled for November to lay a robust endurance foundation, followed by a stint in Minneapolis at Human Powered Health’s headquarters for equipment trials and team evaluations.

The 26-year-old Vicenza native, mentored by Giorgia Bronzini, expresses contentment at the prospect of continuing under Bronzini’s guidance on her new team. The former world champion has also moved across to the American team in a DS role. The union, entering its third season, will witness Ragusa as part of a discernibly Italian contingent at Human, enriched by the likes of Zanardi and Malcotti. Bronzini, revered for her recent athletic prowess and a shared understanding of the athletes’ needs, has been instrumental in Ragusa’s transition, affirming her belief in Ragusa’s potential and advocating for opportunities beyond the duties of a mere domestique.

Reflecting on her departure from Liv Racing, Ragusa credits her agent, Lorenzo Carera, for swiftly navigating the transitional waters once it became clear that her trajectory no longer aligned with her former team’s vision. Her engagement with Human Powered Health was warmly welcomed, with Team Director Kenny Latomme leaving a lasting positive impression, revealing a well-structured organisation with an impressive blueprint for the future.

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