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Bloeizone Fryslân Tour: Barbieri sprints to fifth place in second stage

Rachele Barbieri had a great chance for a good result in the second stage of the Bloeizone Fryslân Tour (135 kilometres) on Friday afternoon. Our Italian had strong legs and was also surrounded by a strong team. In the end, she had to settle for fifth place, after she did not come through the last few corners quite as well. Lonneke Uneken won.

“We were very well positioned at the front as a team. Quinty Ton, Amber van der Hulst, Silke Smulders and Alison Jackson were very strong. At ten kilometres from the finish line we were still fully in control, we were able to lead Rachele Barbieri well to the sprint”, said sports director Wim Stroetinga.

“We knew the last kilometre was very winding and we had to start from the front. Unfortunately we lost each other at the moment suprême. Rachele therefore started her sprint from far behind. Although the starting position was not ideal, she was still pretty fast. But the podium was too far away.”

Final stage
Saturday is the third and final stage (137 kilometres) of the Bloeizone Fryslân Tour. Wim Stroetinga is counting on a sprint again in Drachten. “The wind will probably put a mark on tomorrow’s course. We will have to be alert and try to play the game as a team. Towards the end we will decide who we ride for in the sprint.”


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