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Boels Dolmans Full French Race Calendar

This week several riders of the Boels Dolmans Cycling team race in France for a well planned and full  French racecalender:

24-8 European Championships TT

Anna van der Breggen

25-8 GP de Plouay

Anna van de Breggen, Chantal Van den Broek, Amy Pieters, Karol Ann Canuel, Amalie Dideriksen

26-8 European Championship U23 (espoirs)

Lonneke Uneken

27-8 European Championship Road Race

Anna van der Breggen, Chantal van den Broek, Amy Pieters, Christine Majerus, Amalie Dideriksen

29-8 La Course by Tour de France

Jolien d’Hoore, Christine Majerus, Amalie Dideriksen, Jip van den Bos, Chantal van den Broek, Lonneke Uneken


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