CCC-Liv riders are counting down to the start of the Giro Rosa

CCC-Liv will start with a strong team in the Giro Rosa on Friday. Three riders from sports director Jeroen Blijlevens’ team look ahead to the nine-day stage race through Italy. ‘Support the team for as long as possible’ Sabrina Stultiens: “The Giro Rosa has always been a special race. It is the longest stage race for women. This year the stage schedule is particularly appealing with many hills and climbs and even a ride of longer than 170 kilometres. I cannot remember ever riding longer rides. I am ready for this race and am looking forward to it. After the recent series of one-day races, I am curious how I will like these nine consecutive race days. I especially want to support Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio and Soraya Paladin, who probably have the better chance of a good classification, as well and as long as possible. Who knows, maybe there are also opportunities for personal success for me. We have to wait and see.” ‘I am mentally ready’

Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio: “After my crash in the run-up to the Strade Bianche, I have not had the easiest time. The injuries healed well and quickly, but I kept having some problems with my SI joint during training. Things are improving a bit now. Despite the complications, I had a good training period. I recently trained well in the mountains. I am looking forward to the Giro Rosa and especially to finally racing with the team again, although I have no idea what to expect because I have not been in competition for a long time. Lately I have mainly been focusing on myself and not paid much attention to others. I feel that I am mentally ready. The goal is to make sure that I am the best version of myself in the Giro Rosa. We will see where this will lead after nine days.” ‘The stages are very tough and expected to be hectic’

Soraya Paladin: “I have been looking forward to this Giro Rosa for a long time. As an Italian it is particularly special to ride the Giro Rosa. And even more so this year. After such an uncertain, difficult time, it is fantastic for everyone in cycling that this Giro Rosa is organised, although we must continue to keep an eye on the safety and health aspect. The stages are very tough and expected to be hectic. But we have travelled to Tuscany with a strong CCC-Liv team and we must be able to do something beautiful. What we should also not forget is that the Giro Rosa is important for many to secure a place in the World Championship selection. I am keen to achieve good results individually as well as with the team.”

Photo credits: Cor Vos