Contract Extensions 2022

Contract Extensions 2022

A few words from manager Jean Christophe Barbotin:

“The Stade Rochelais Charente Maritime Women Cycling remains faithful to its plan to train young people and rely on girls with high potential. We show our progress from year to year, we want to confirm our place and continue to evolve!”

A promising future looming for the team!

The principle results:

Marion Colard : 

– 11th in the French CLM Elite Championship

– 26th in the general classification of the Tour de l’ardèche.

India Grangier : 

– French U23 road champion.

– 6th French U23 CLM Championship

– 14th GP de plouay (WWT)

– 15th U23 European Championship

 Noémie Abgrall :

– 7th French U23 Championship

– 5th French U23 CLM Championship

– 13th French Elite Championship

Arianna Pruissher : 

– 8th GP Eco-Struct

– 10th Round of Mouscron

– 9th Kreizh Breizh Elites

– 10th Spar Flanders DIamond Tour

Maëva Squiban: 

– Baloise Ladies Tour: 6th Best Young and 21st in the general classification

– 2nd French U23 Road Championship

– 3rd French U23 CLM Championship

Marione Allione :

– 2nd French U23 CLM Championship

– 4th French U23 Road Championship

– 16th Perigord Ladies Tour