Cycling with Bad Luck (or Me vs. Mechanical Issues)

They say that bad luck comes in threes, such as:

You fall off, you hurt yourself..badly, you lose the race.

I feel like I’ve been through a few of those circles in the last two weeks. Firstly there was the snapped hanger, which went because I got ideas in my head about changing gear. The immediate result of this was the derailleur throwing itself suicidally into the wheel causing the whole thing to lock up and give me a scare. The derailleur achieved its aims, it was very dead. A 90 degree bend will finish off most things, including Chuck Norris.

Broken Chain

And finally this weekend, the delayed part of the trilogy was complete, the parts on the hub that the spokes clip into decided it had had enough. This was almost certainly as a result of the derailleur thinking it was a brake and getting mashed up in there. So I’ve gone from a smooth running beast of a bike with many gears to a single speed, crippled affair with a very out of true back wheel.

Add to this, the front wheel punctured and this morning the back wheel punctured (Gatorskins have not won me over). If this carries on, with no third wheel to puncture…am I going to end up on the deck?