Cyclocross stars confirm their upcoming races

We’re well into the cyclocross season now but on the men’s side, we’ve not seen the huge stars race yet. After a long road (and MTB for some) season, they’ve been taking a well-deserved break before embarking on more racing. For Mathieu van der Poel, Wout van Aert and Tom Pidcock, the lead-up to the Cyclocross World Championships begins here.

With the Big 3 riders not racing so far, Eli Iserbyt has made hay whilst the sun shines. With 4 World Cup victories, he has a commanding 69 point lead that feels like it should be safe at this point. The Big 3 will have their work cut out to close the gap but they generally seem more interested in the World Championship. They still need World Cup points to earn good starting grid spots for the World Championships.

In the standings behind Eli Iserbyt, it’s close between Toon Aerts, Lars van der Haar and Quinten Hermans. All 3 have taken victories, with Van der Haar winning the European Championship too. 2nd to 4th are separated by just 1 point at the moment.

Eli Iserbyt distancing himself from the rest of the current riders this season has him knocking on the door of the top-3 riders. He could arguably be the Andy Murray figure to Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Really very good but up against 3 of the best opponents of all time. It adds an extra dimension to see how Eli will fare against the biggest stars when they come back to racing.

Tom Pidcock has said he’d like to win the World Cup by playing catch-up. He’s also stated that the World Championships is everything though. He’s aiming to do 13 races over the cyclocross season. Whilst not all of those are confirmed yet, the ones we do know about are listed below.

Tom Pidcock CX Worlds 2020

I could win the World Cup, but who remembers who won the World Cup? I need to be world champion, nothing else

— Tom Pidcock

Cyclocross Race Programmes

Mathieu van der Poel’s Cyclocross Programme

Wout van Aert’s Cyclocross Programme

Image by Jumbo Visma
Image by Jumbo Visma

Tom Pidcock’s Cyclocross Programme

Pidcock’s calendar isn’t complete yet but this is what we know so far!

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