Decathlon AG2R La Mondiale to see increase to its budget


The cycling team Decathlon AG2R La Mondiale is set to see a significant increase in its budget in the coming years, thanks to sports retailer Decathlon coming on board as the main sponsor. This move will boost the French team’s annual budget to €26 million, which is reportedly €3 million more than the current year.

The team faced a budget gap of €6 million due to the announced departure of Citroën as the title sponsor. In response, team manager Vincent Lavenu had to seek a new partner, and he found one in Decathlon, which also brought sponsor Van Rysel into the fold. Lavenu expressed his excitement during the team presentation, calling it an exceptional and historic moment.

Lavenu emphasised the importance of securing the team’s future, stating, “There was a risk that the team would disappear, so the primary goal was to ensure that the majority would remain intact. Now, we are guaranteed to continue until 2028, with promising prospects. With a budget of €26 million, we position ourselves at a good level.”

According to L’Équipe, Decathlon AG2R La Mondiale now ranks in the top 5 among WorldTeams in terms of financial capabilities, although that feels high compared to other sources. Lavenu noted that, unlike some other teams, their riders are employed with the team, and they also pay social security contributions.