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Demi Vollering Set to Leave SD Worx-Protime at the End of 2024

Lotte Kopecky & Demi Vollering

In a significant shake-up within the world of women’s professional cycling, Demi Vollering, the celebrated Tour de France Femmes winner, is confirmed to be parting ways with the SD Worx-Protime team at the conclusion of the 2024 season. This move was reported as confirmed by team director Danny Stam to GCN ahead of Dwars door Vlaanderen, although a follow-up showed that the extent of what was said to GCN didn’t match their article content. It did however lead to a team comment from their manager Erwin Janssen which shed more light and looks like it marks the end of Vollering’s tenure with the team that began in 2021.

Budget Constraints and Team Dynamics

Stam cited budgetary constraints as the primary reason for Vollering’s departure, a decision that underscores the financial intricacies involved in managing a top-tier cycling team. “It’s certain, it’s a matter of budget,” Stam acknowledged, highlighting the challenges faced by the team in retaining its roster of high-calibre riders.

The extension of world champion Lotte Kopecky’s contract until 2028 had already sparked speculation about Vollering’s future with SD Worx-Protime. Stam elaborated on the situation, stating, “Everyone knows that Lotte Kopecky has extended her contract until 2028, and we tried to keep the team together, but as far as Demi is concerned, that’s not going to be possible.”

A Generous Offer Left Unanswered

Erwin Janssen, team manager of SD Worx-Protime, today provided further details via a statement on social media, revealing that the team had extended a generous offer to Vollering. According to Janssen, the management of Vollering did not respond by the specified deadline, leading the team to conclude that Vollering intends to leave by year’s end. “We made Demi Vollering a generous offer and indicated that this should be responded to before a certain date. Vollering’s management did not respond to this,” Janssen stated, clarifying that recent reports of negotiations with Vollering or her management by GCN were inaccurate.

The Road Ahead for Vollering

Rumours have been circulating about UAE Team ADQ’s interest in Vollering, with talks of a substantial salary offer potentially in the range of one million euros made in the off-season. Vollering, who has been with SD Worx-Protime since 2021 after starting her professional career with Parkhotel Valkenburg, now faces a pivotal moment in her career.

The departure of such a major figure as Vollering from SD Worx-Protime underscores the ongoing challenges and strategic decisions teams must navigate in the competitive landscape of women’s cycling. As the 2024 season progresses, all eyes will undoubtedly be on Vollering as she potentially embarks on this new chapter of her career.