DMT and MCipollini unveil new items before the Tour de France

DMT, one of the leading shoe brands in the peloton has unveiled a new set of cycling shoes going into the 2023 Tour de France. Named the Pogis, the shoes will be worn by 2022 Tour de France winner Tadej Pogačar in this year’s race, so will be seen at the front of the bunch on plenty of occasions. The eye-catching graphics on the shoes resemble a colourful cardiac track and each spike is a tribute to Pogačar’s most famous victories. There is also an NFC microchip inside the shoes containing all of the athlete’s health information. A new innovation that will allow monitoring of the state of health during train via an app but also allow for targeted actions in case of an emergency, helping ensure the safety of the rider.

DMT Pogis

The Pogis shoe will have hand-me-down features to the top of the range DMT KRSL White, with the orange laces proving a new variant whilst maintaining its lightness and performance that make it the top of the range. There is also a new colour for the DMT KR1, a ‘milky mint colour’ that fits in with its position in the range.

The new milky mint KR1 shoe

MCipollini Bikes

The 2024 collection of the MCipollini bike range is led by the Fybra, the e-bike that functions as a gravel and road bike with the GC and R model variants. Both models feature a monocoque frame with TCM technology, allowing for continuity in the build-up of the carbon fibre. There are also updates to the lightweight Dolomia lightweight road frame, including an exclusive Velum version of which only 13 will be made. A full-build bike that sits on the scales at just 5.76kg! That’s below the UCI weight limit for perfect for amateurs wanting a bike as light as possible. Rim brakes help get the weight down and give it a traditional feel as well.

MCipollini Dolomia Velum