Elisa Longo Borghini to miss World Championships

Elisa Longo Borghini

Italian cyclist Elisa Longo Borghini has had to pause her racing season due to a serious infection. This health issue made her quit the Tour de France Femmes right before the penultimate stage up the Col du Tourmalet. Now, she’s getting strong antibiotics to fight the infection. It’s an unfortunate time for the Italian who also crashed out of the Giro Donne whilst in a strong position.

Elisa’s illness means she has to miss other big events, including the Glasgow World Championships. She won’t be able to wear the Italian team’s jersey (known as the Azzurre) in that competition, as she needs to concentrate on getting better.

For Elisa, the disappointment is overwhelming. She’s upset about having to leave the Tour de France Femmes at such a critical time and missing out on a special opportunity at the World Championships. Her main focus now is to recover from the infection so she can return to cycling.

“Elisa is suffering from a deep skin infection in the upper left thigh area. It’s an serious infectious process that cannot be underestimated in any way. These symptoms are causing pain and fever that are still keeping her at home in bed, therefore an intense antibiotic treatment has become necessary and will last for at least a week from today,”

“The priority is that she can benefit from the treatment and feel better as soon as possible. For the duration of the treatment, it’s not possible to consider any training. At best, if the antibiotic treatment brings the desired results, Elisa could return to ride without intensity in about ten days. Then, we can start talking about a return to competition,”

“We monitor the development of the situation on a daily basis and, in a few days, we have scheduled an ultrasound scan of the area affected by the infection to see if the treatment is having an effect or if a different intervention is required.”

Gaetano Daniele, Lidl-Trek head doctor

“I can hardly find the words to explain my current state of mind. Mentally, it’s a heavy blow, which unfortunately comes in an already troubled season. The fact that I had to come home from the Tour was a huge disappointment, because I felt I had a great finale in my legs. It was painful, I won’t deny that.”

“Although the blows, physical and psychological, always hurt, I never got down and I only want to look ahead. Stopping at this point of the season was the last thing I wanted, but the priority must be my health. I am focused on healing and recovering at my best. Giving up the Worlds is painful, but also the only choice I had. I will be rooting hard for my teammates.”

Elisa Longo Borghini

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