Stage 3 of the 2024 Vuelta Femenina: A Surprising Hilly Challenge


As the peloton gears up for Stage 3 of the 2024 Vuelta Femenina, riders and teams must recalibrate their strategies to tackle a course that is anything but flat. Contrary to initial expectations, this stage presents a surprisingly hilly profile, stretching over a challenging route that could well be a decisive day for the general classification.

Course Profile and Geographical Insights

Stage 3 unfurls across the picturesque but deceptive terrain of the mountainous Aragon region of eastern Spain, weaving through a series of undulating hills that demand both endurance and tactical nous. The stage is characterised by multiple short, sharp climbs punctuated by rolling hills, which will test the riders’ climbing legs and their ability to recover quickly. The total elevation gain makes this stage far more challenging than a mere glance at the map might suggest.

Geographically, the area is known for its rugged landscapes and expansive vistas, with roads that snake through both open and forested sections. Climatically, conditions are expected to be mild, with little chance of precipitation. However, the real boon for the riders is the wind—or the lack thereof. The wind direction and the nature of the roads should mean that wind will play a minimal role throughout the day, allowing the athletes to focus more on the climbs and less on battling crosswinds.


Analysing Alison Jackson’s Prospects

Fresh off a triumph in Stage 2, Alison Jackson enters Stage 3 with high morale and a target on her back. Known for her powerful sprinting and robust all-around capabilities, Jackson’s performance in the previous stage highlighted her excellent form and tactical decisions. However, the hilly terrain of Stage 3 poses a different challenge. While not known as a strong climber, Jackson’s ability to handle rolling courses and her strategic positioning within the peloton will be critical. Her team will likely rally around her, setting a controlled pace on the climbs to keep her well-positioned and protected.


Key Contenders: Vos, Vas, and Swinkels

Marianne Vos, with her legendary status in the cycling world, is always a rider to watch. Her explosive power on short climbs and her unparalleled race instincts make her a formidable opponent on a stage like this. Vos’s experience could see her able to negotiate the climbs whilst remaining near the front of the peloton for the sprint. She has lost a key lieutenant though in Anna Henderson after her crash on Stage 2.

Blanka Vas, another strong climber sprinter type and a young talent in the peloton, could find Stage 3 to her liking. Vas’s capability to sustain high power over short ascents could allow her to break away from the main group, especially in the latter parts of the stage where fatigue sets in. She has the leader’s red jersey to defend and the Hungarian will do her utmost to keep it on her shoulders for another day at least.

Karlijn Swinkels, a superb all-rounder, might use this stage to make a significant impact. Although less explosive than Vos or Vas, Swinkels’s steady pacing and endurance make her well-suited to a stage with continuous undulations. Her team might adopt a strategy of conservative racing early on, saving energy for a powerful finish. She was 3rd on Stage 2 and will look to go a couple of places better.

Team Tactics and Strategy

With the stage’s profile, teams will need to be particularly vigilant about the positioning of their leaders. The unexpected hills provide perfect launch pads for attacks, so teams like Visma | Lease a Bike, Team SD Worx and Liv-AlUla-Jayco will look to control the pace from the front, preventing any significant breaks that could upset the general classification. Teams might also place their domestiques in early breaks to ensure representation at the front, which could later be advantageous for their team leaders if the race situation changes dynamically.

In summary, Stage 3 of the 2024 Vuelta Femenina is set to be a thrilling contest, with its deceptive climbs shaping the race in unexpected ways. While sprinters with resistance have a natural advantage, the rolling nature and strategic depth of the stage mean that all-rounders like Jackson also have a shot at glory. With precise team tactics and individual brilliance, this stage could provide a memorable battle in the quest for the overall victory.