Enve to sponsor TotalEnergies for the next 2 seasons

Enve, the American brand known for its wheels and components, is expanding its sponsorship reach in the WorldTour by partnering with Team TotalEnergies for the 2024 season. This new deal comes after a successful year-long partnership with UAE Team Emirates, as Enve’s Director of Marketing, Neil Shirley, and Design Engineer, Kevin Nelson, recently revealed.

The partnership with Team TotalEnergies extends beyond wheels, encompassing bikes, cockpits, and even Enve tyres, marking a significant shift for Enve from a components brand to a full-fledged bike company. Team TotalEnergies Manager Jean-René Bernaudeau expressed his excitement about this collaboration, praising Enve’s responsiveness and the high technology of their bikes. He anticipates great results from the partnership, highlighting the synergy between their performance division and Enve’s Research and Development sector.

Shirley and Nelson emphasised that Enve’s sponsorship aims are not just branding-focused but also about learning and helping the team to enhance performance. They recalled the development of the Enve SES 4.5 during their 2016 Dimension Data sponsorship, a design that was initially controversial but later made sense for consumers. This approach of starting with team needs and then adapting for commercial success is a key part of Enve’s strategy.

Enve’s partnership with Team TotalEnergies also allows for immediate feedback and idea generation, something that smaller, nimble teams like Enve’s can capitalise on effectively. This collaboration is seen as an opportunity to test and refine products in the demanding WorldTour environment, solving unique “WorldTour problems” that arise during racing.

The Enve Melee, a bike that Enve is proud of, will undergo a rigorous test with Team TotalEnergies, potentially shaping the brand’s future direction. The partnership also highlights how WorldTour technology influences consumer products, with Team TotalEnergies set to use the same Enve Melee frame and cockpit configurations available to everyday riders.

Last season the infamous Zaaf Cycling Team used unbadged Enve bikes in their successful start to the ultimately doomed experience of the 2023 season.

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