Everything you did and did not want to know about … Myrthe Willemsen


The series ‘Everything you did and did not want to know about…’ is the perfect opportunity to get to know TALENT Cycling better. Here we serve everyone who is involved in any way with TALENT Cycling spicy questions and difficult dilemmas. Today it is Myrthe Willemsen’s turn.

I have yet to find out

Stubborn is also wise

Favorite match?
Tour of Uppsala

Does pineapple belong on a pizza?
Absolutely not

Which shoe do you click in first?

Favorite movie?
The Hunger Games

Favorite climb?
Climbing is not really my thing

Guilty pleasure?
Listening to children’s songs

Always a headwind or always wet cycling shoes?

What is your best moment ever on the bike?
Training camp in Malaga

Which animal would you like to be?

One day race or stage race?
Stage race

What is the most beautiful place you have ever been on a bike?

World champion or Olympic champion?
World champion

Would you rather fight 1 duck the size of a horse or 100 horses the size of a duck?
1 duck the size of a horse

What is your hidden talent?

Photo Credit: Hans Steekers