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Fixing bikes

Bike house
How many bikes in this picture?

It’s been a fairly busy time in the ‘workshop’ fixing bikes recently, with my fixie project finished, my housemate George was inspired to do his own project bike and despite many issues with weird measurements of parts at every step, now has it finished.

Housemate's project bike all done
Housemate’s project bike all done

Unlike me, he went for a hub geared approach which required a bit more fiddling and setup than mine.

My fixie also required some work done on it too, the pedal arm fell off of its own accord whilst cycling down Broad Street and meant I had to cycle home one-legged whilst holding the pedal arm which was fun. It turned out the nut had stripped the thread on the outside of the bottom bracket, it’s now been replaced by a modern one so shouldn’t happen again.

Taking notes at work how to measure retro bottom brackets for size
Taking notes at work how to measure retro bottom brackets for size
Bike houseBottom bracket all sorted
Bottom bracket all sorted

Sunday was also spent fixing bikes – tightening up the cables of my racing bike as the brakes weren’t returning and were ‘sticking on’ a bit. A bit of a clean, copious amount of oil and playing with cable tension got it sorted.

All that left was time for a tidy up of sorts ready for the next weekend of fixing bikes.

For once, it's tidy...ish
For once, it’s tidy…ish