GP Eco-Struct, upcoming race for Grant Thornton-Krush Bikes-Tunap Sports


Grant Thornton-Krush Bikes-Tunap Sports continues her season in the GP Eco-Struct. A strong five aspires to make it a good course.

The race was held in Schellebelle last year, but the course diverts to Wichelen. Little else has changed in the idea of ​​the course. The race consists of 11 laps of 11.2 kilometres on typical Belgian terrain.

“The race may be flat, but that doesn’t mean it will be an easy race. It will be a technical and nervous race with many twists and turns, narrow roads, concrete jobs and even some cobblestones. It is really a race in which you have to be constantly on your toes. ”

On behalf of Grant Thornton-Krush Bikes-Tunap Sports, the following phenomenal five will come into action: Marissa Baks, Inez Beijer, Nienke Wasmus, Melanie Klement and Melissa van Neck.

The match will not be broadcast on television, but you can still follow something of the match via the Twitch and Facebook page of ‘Reportage VDS’. The hashtag #GPEcoStruct on Twitter is also a good source of information, as is the Belgian Cycling app.