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Grand Est-Komugi-La Fabrique confirms 8 of its 2024 roster


The continuity of team spirit and expertise is guaranteed at Grand Est-Komugi-La Fabrique, as the team is thrilled to announce the renewal of contracts for eight of its riders for the 2024 season. This commitment reaffirms the team’s confidence in their athletes and sets a stable foundation for the coming campaigns.

In a strategic move, the team has secured a mix of promising talents and experienced competitors, a blend that promises to uphold the team’s competitive edge in the fierce peloton. The retained riders have showcased resilience and dedication, attributes that resonate with the team’s ethos and are vital for the challenges ahead.

Retained riders at a glance

Chloé Charpentier, hailing from France, has displayed consistent progress throughout her tenure with the team. Her retention is a testament to her burgeoning prowess and the team’s dedication to nurturing homegrown talent. Similarly, Victoire Joncheray remains a figure of reliability and potential, her French origins further anchoring the team’s domestic strength.

The Argentinian climber Fernanda Yapura will continue to bring her ascending abilities to the fore, a key asset in the team’s arsenal for the mountainous terrains. Swiss rider Fabienne Buri will persist in providing the team with her all-rounder skills, a flexible strength in varied racing scenarios.

Fabienne Buri
Fabienne Buri

Furthering the team’s dynamics

French rider Ségolène Thomas brings to the table her tactical acumen, while Eyeru Gebru, the team’s international talent, is expected to continue her upward trajectory, adding depth to the squad’s global representation.

The Canadian duo of Joséphine Peloquin and Laury Milette rounds out the contract extensions. Both riders have shown significant promise, with Peloquin demonstrating all-rounder capabilities and Milette offering sprinting prowess that could prove invaluable in flat-stage finishes.

Looking ahead

This strategic retention of riders signals Grand Est-Komugi-La Fabrique’s intent to bolster its lineup with a diverse range of skills, ensuring that the team is well-equipped for the variety of challenges presented by the international racing calendar. With the 2024 season on the horizon, the team appears poised to build on its foundations with a core group of riders committed to the collective ambition of success.

As the team continues to focus on development and results, the unity and shared experience of these eight riders will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in driving Grand Est-Komugi-La Fabrique towards its objectives.