Happy head, happy legs…

Happy head, happy legs…

With the success she’s had so quickly after her second bout of Covid, consistently finishing in the front group in WWT races, and top 20 results, Lizzie can now look to the rest of her season and plan her big goals.

“The riders and staff are really positive towards every race we go into. We might not be WorldTour, but I think the way we plan and go into each race is motivating and makes you believe in yourself and the team. This makes a huge difference to the way you race.”

This confidence gained simply from being in a supportive atmosphere has not only encouraged results at the pointy end of some of the biggest Spring Classics, but has allowed Lizzie to start planning for the year ahead with a vigour she had previously lost.

“Going forward I can set goals that in December I didn’t think I would’ve imagined setting this year. I think the confidence is slowly growing from race to race, and now as a team, we can focus on the smaller details. Looking ahead to my last few races of this Spring block, I’m going in to target these and hopefully come away with a strong result. I love attritional races and enjoy racing aggressively, so I’m very excited for them.”

Whatever the rest of the season holds for Lizzie, the most important thing is that she’s rediscovered her love of the sport. While nice, big results are more of the icing on the cake, and for her to be succeeding so early on in the season demonstrates just how important it is to be in the right environment. Having the right people around you supporting your goals is vital to success, in whatever ways you choose to measure it.   

Lizzie will be in action at Liège-Bastogne-Liège this Sunday.