Jenthe Biermans overcomes dramatic 25-metre fall to complete Giro Queen Stage

Jenthe Biermans

The harsh terrain of the Mortirolo descent in Italy is widely recognised for its unforgiving challenges. However, for one Belgian cyclist, it was not the steep slopes or sharp turns that brought him down, but an unfortunate crash.

Midway through the infamous lap, the rider took a tumble. While crashes are not uncommon in the world of cycling, what transpired next was rather unusual. The Belgian rider, left bruised and battered from the fall, found help coming from the most unexpected quarters – his fellow teams.

Teams rally to aid the fallen cyclist

In a display of sportsmanship that is often seen in cycling, rival teams rallied to aid the fallen Belgian. Despite the competitive nature of the sport, the cyclists recognised the need to put aside their race ambitions to assist a fellow competitor in distress. This act of camaraderie served as a reminder that while races may be won by seconds, the spirit of the sport truly lies in the bonds formed on the road.

The Belgian rider, having recovered from his tumble, was noticeably grateful for the assistance he received. His gratitude was not just restricted to the physical aid he received, but extended towards the teams who chose to prioritise his well-being over their own race status. The act of teams coming to his aid is a powerful reflection of the unity and respect that transcends competition in the world of cycling.

Perseverance on the Mortirolo descent

Despite his ordeal, the Belgian rider did not let the crash deter his determination. Displaying a true cyclist’s spirit, he got back on his bike and continued the race. While the crash may have left its mark, his perseverance is a testament to his indomitable spirit and love for the sport.

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