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Karlijn Swinkels signs for three years at team Parkhotel Valkenburg

Karlijn Swinkels, former Junior World Champion time trial, strong dutch talented rider joins team Parkhotel Valkenburg for three years. Karlijn joined the team earlier in her cycling carrier, in 2017 she joined the team after her junior period. She learned a lot in her first year in the team and looked back at a wonderful time. In the past two seasons, 2018 and 2019, she went for an Italian adventure with the Ale Chipollini team.

Karlijn about her transfer back to team Parkhotel Valkenburg; I’m ready for the next step. I’m super excited to join the @pushingdreams squad for the upcoming years. I’m sure it will be great years with a lot of new experiences, team efforts, hard work and last but not least, a lot of fun!

As a team we are really happy to add Karlijn to our group of riders for the next few years. Karlijn is a super strong rider with the right mentality. We are really happy we can work towards our goals together!



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