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Komugi-Grand Est: “The Tour Would Ensure the Team’s Continuity”

Komugi-Grand Est, a French team representing the region set to host two stages of the 2024 Tour de France Femmes, eagerly awaits news regarding their potential participation in the big race, with team leader Laurent Goglione expressing hope for the team’s maiden voyage to the prestigious event.

Goglione spoke to DirectVelo, detailing the team’s season so far and their aspirations for the future. “We were invited to the Belgian campaign,” he said. “We had two pleasant surprises with the invitation to Paris-Roubaix Femmes and the Tour de Burgos, in addition to the Tour de Pologne.” He expressed disappointment over missing the Tour de Normandie but highlighted Victoire Joncheray’s standout performance this season.

Reflecting on the changes in women’s cycling, Goglione noted, “All the girls are now paid, so we are structuring ourselves, starting to rely on big brands.” He underscored the team’s commitment to professionalism and their desire to be recognised internationally.

“The selection is based on performance,” Goglione emphasised. “Last year, we won the Coupe de France FDJ, showing ASO and all the other organisers that we are there from February to September.” He stressed the importance of French teams’ efforts in ensuring fair pay, positioning them as true professional structures.

Regarding the Tour de France Femmes invitations, Goglione stated, “Participating in the Tour ensures the team’s continuity.” He highlighted the significance of being part of the race, not just for the team’s credibility but also for the growth of women’s cycling in France.

Goglione acknowledged the potential challenges of participating in the Tour but expressed confidence in the team’s preparedness. “Now we are no longer with someone who just comes as support but a professional team,” he said. “We are 100% dedicated to this.”

As they await news from ASO, Goglione remains optimistic. “We had the nod from ASO who took us to Roubaix,” he noted. “I see it as a little encouragement for us to continue.” He underscored the importance of the Tour for the team’s future and its symbolic significance in the world of cycling.

Reflecting on their journey, Goglione concluded, “It’s a crossroads for everyone.” He highlighted the team’s efforts to showcase their professionalism and commitment to the sport, expressing hope for an invitation to the Tour de France and the continued growth of women’s cycling.